In-House Training...

These presentations are targeted for companies, corporations, professionals, and the self-employed.  They are to assist human resource departments, guide new hires, sales professionals along with managers and executives.  Attendees will be taught how to build and strengthen business relationships through respect, honesty and communication. The presentations are targeted to effectively improve internal civility amongst staff and contract employees.  The different presentations include addressing business attire, preparing and conducting business meetings, dealing with difficult co-workers and superiors, promoting leadership skills along with the correct protocol to communicating in this instant net-world.  They are interactive workshops to gain insight to your own behavior and how to deal with your associates.

Some topics:

  • What went wrong? Client relationship & retention
  • Civility in business communication
  • TEAM -Together Everyone Achieves More
  • How’s your package? Professional image & common courtesies
  • Manners know no borders: Diversity in the workplace
  • Civility and etiquette: Stepping-stones for your leadership journey


For a complete description on each workshop, please contact me.

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