Dine & Refine...

Have a theme party!

Gather some friends for an evening or luncheon to enjoy great company, good food and refine your dining.

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If your place settings are unsettling you are definitely not alone. Here is a fun way to pass time with your friends while learning a thing or two (maybe three or four) about setting things straight (on the table of course). Is dining etiquette not quite your bread and butter skill set? Can you dish it out but only fake it? What about some tips and tidbits to ease you in and out of tricky situations? Can you use a knife on your salad? Can you turn your glass over should you not want to drink? Maybe not timeless questions but always food for thought.

Dining made fun with the dos, don’ts and always, navigating your place setting and what to expect with each course throughout the meal.

You can cook for your friends, cater the meal or make it a potluck gathering. Take advantage of this great opportunity!

Date: You set it

Place: Your house

Time: 3 hours

Investment: Call for more information (max 10 people)

RSVP:  (604) 842-5976 or elizabeth@elizabethbackman.com



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