How is your corporate or business culture?

If you could, what would be the one thing you would change

to make it better?

Is business etiquette and civility passé?  

No, those skills can provide you with an edge!


Take a look at the available options of business topics to select from. If you don’t see a topic that deals with your specific situation, or for more details and pricing please contact me.

If it’s related to business soft skill, protocol and etiquette, I am your specialist.


Sessions durations:

60- 90 minutes

Half days – approximately 3-4 hours, concentrating on 2 key topics of choice

Full days – approximately 6-7 hours, concentrating on 4 key topics of choice


Politeness Barometer

Undisclosed audit of your employees in retail or business through a series of checkpoints related to performance, politeness, interaction and attitude. I will meet with you to discuss your concerns […]

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In-House Training

These presentations are targeted for companies, corporations, professionals, and the self-employed.  They are to assist human resource departments, guide new hires, sales professionals along with managers and executives.  Attendees will […]

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Out & About Training

These presentations are targeted for socially and culturally aware business people, professionals and self-employed.  It is a more in depth guidance on how to improve your professional image, increase confidence […]

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