The Company

Pro-etiquette’s goal is to add extra value to your business and social world.

The civility and etiquette training will give you the tools to transform and set you apart from your competition, help your bottom line, make you a desirable addition to social groups while having fun learning or polishing up on this important soft skill.

Unfortunately, through the years social limits and business practices have been tested and boundaries pushed to the limits.

Civility is conducting ones’ self with the right attitude, manners and a code of conduct. The “Golden Rule” – treat others as you would like to be treated.  If not, the unwritten laws of conduct are punishable by social disapproval.

On the other hand, etiquette is the code of social behavior for conventional norms that a society or social class lives by. With the laxness of social class distinction, today you can learn protocol that apply to different areas of life and rise above and conquer adequate mannerisms to feel confident and comfortable in any situation.

We all need a reminder of proper manners from time to time.

How is this accomplished?

I will make you more aware of your not-so-good habits and guide you in the direction of style, courtesy and finesse.

You will learn procedures and formalities that will help you standout in a valuable way.  I promise through my seminars you will shine and stand out against your competition in job searches, promotion, as well as increasing sales or bumping up business.

The key is to differentiate yourself and create more powerful relationships!