About Elizabeth Backman

I specialize in civility and etiquette to help my clients gain self-assurance and allow them to be proud participants in any situation.

I am an engaging people person who inspires while interactively training through seminars and speaking engagements, thereby giving support to businesses and personal finesse by enhancing social awareness.

I have always had a penchant for proper etiquette and the social graces. Over the course of my career, in whatever endeavor I was undertaking, I would get frustrated at the increasing lack of proper etiquette and civility that I would encounter.

There is sadness in witnessing people disrespecting each other and the acceptance of the ever increasing erosion of social skills brought on through desensitizing technological advances.

In my many years of business dealings I have motivated and taught valuable lessons within companies’ operations and sales departments with an emphasis on the importance of respect and communicating with others.

My entrepreneurial spirit keeps me engaged and at the forefront of what is needed to challenge individuals to become their very best.

Through years in the fashion industry and international travel I gained immeasurable expertise which established my reputation as a high performer and well-respected individual.  The fashion industry taught me the merit of a fast paced environment and how adaptive one needs to be while keeping a professional decorum

Elizabeth’s countless years in the fashion industry and international travel gained her invaluable expertise,

In life and in business it is not merely about maintaining relationships; it is about augmenting those relationships with a polished and poised persona, be it in business, workplace or social settings.

I am making my passion my mission to impart knowledge, decorum, courage and dignity to my clients. Whether preparing for an interview or playing in the sandbox (adults play too), to formal dining settings, I believe one must bring their whole and authentic self to the table of life.

Remember you are your own walking, talking autobiography.

Society creates “norms” and it is human nature to want to meet those norms. Following my methods takes the concept further; standout, shine and flourish with that extra polish and sophistication.

Civility and etiquette knows where to draw boundaries when it comes to respect, kindness and basic decency, yet they also enable one to cross all borders as good manners are welcomed world wide.

I am committed to continued learning which allows me to keep passing my growing knowledge and resources onto my valued clients.