6 Interview tips for the job seeker

June 14th, 2016

There is no mystery to job interviews, yet they are extremely frightening to the interviewee causing stress and anxiety. Let’s face it, the basic premise is the company needs a good, efficient employee that they are willing to pay for services rendered and you need a job to use your talents in exchange for payment. Submitting your resume is a full time job, the key is to make sure it reflects exactly who you are. Start out strong with a properly written cover letter. Address the key points of why you would be the perfect candidate for the job along with how your past work experience is relevant to the position you are inquiring about.


You now have an interview

  1. Firstly, you should check out and read up about the operation on their website to get a feeling for the company. Learn about their products and/ or services that they offer and absorb as much information as possible. Refer to the job description to review the skills being sought and what some of the challenges the position might present.
  1. Preparation for the interview

Prepare you own personal packaging or branding; this is known as your soft skill sets. This will set you apart from your competition, as your first impression will speak volumes.

Practice eye contact; be aware of your gestures and of your facial and body language.

Prepare what you will wear for the interview. Make sure it is clean, pressed and that your shoes are polished. Most likely you will wear business or business casual attire.

Grooming is essential. Deodorant on, nails should be clean, hair (whether it’s on the top of your head, on your face, ears or nose- make sure it’s trimmed or styled.

No cologne or perfume. Beware of your last cigarette, as the smell will travel with you. No cell phones turned on or in sight and no chewing gum.

Next is calming your nerves. Practice in front of a mirror. Ask family or friends to             conduct a mock interview. Remember the company invited you to their establishment, look at this experience, as being their guest and behave accordingly. Put your best foot forward both in words and in actions.

  1. At the Interview

Have a copy of your resume, the directions and a note pad incase you must jot something down.

Always arrive early.

Smile and always be polite to everyone no matter who they are.

No talking or texting while waiting.

When waiting for the interview, sit quietly. Do not question the receptionist. When the person comes to get you, stand straight and look them in the eyes, acknowledge them and shake hands.

  1. During the interview

Remember they are there to get to know you. Answer questions in full sentences. No one-liners, keep an open dialogue and posture. Don’t cross your arms or  slouch in the chair.

Be prepared to talk about yourself. Be honest as lies eventually catch up with you. This is the time to show your potential employer that you are right for the job. Explain your skills and experience be sure to give short examples as emphasis. You may be asked what are your weakness or strengths? Why do you want the job?interview-750xx2122-1194-0-111

  1. Towards the end of the interview

Be primed as they may ask if you have any concerns. Asking about pay is not one of the questions to ask or how much vacation time, get the job then get the package information. What you may want to know is; “Who will I be reporting to? How large a team will I be working with?

  1. In conclusion to the interview

Tell the interviewer how you are still very much interested in the job. You can ask if they know when the organization will be making a decision. Thank them for seeing you and shake hands. Within a day or two, you can send a thank you card to the interviewer, thanking them for considering you for the position.


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